The Higher Energy Podcast with hosts Paula Shaw and Robert Schwarz - Episode 004: Getting Free From Societal/Political Stress and Learned Helplessness with guest Dr. David Gruder

004: Getting Free From Societal/Political Stress and Learned Helplessness with guest Dr. David Gruder

Today, on Higher Energy, we are joined by special guest Dr. David Gruder, who is a clinical and organizational psychologist, an award-winning best-selling author, and a highly sought speaker, trainer, and trusted advisor.

He is the founder and CEO of Integrity Revolution, which “helps ‘everyday people to world leaders’ create sustainable happiness, health, love, and success without sacrificing personal integrity or social responsibility,” through providing Essential Psychological Skills for Extraordinary Businesses, Leaders, and Wellbeing™.

Dr. Gruder joins us today to discuss helping clients get free from societal/political stress and learned helplessness that’s affecting their wellbeing, harming their relationships, & influencing them as citizens. The American Psychological Association’s Stress in America™ survey has found a growing need for psychoeducational and psychotherapeutic resources to help individuals deal with stress more effectively.

Dr. Gruder outlines the types of questions helping professionals may ask clients to understand the impact that stressors such as societal divisiveness, political polarity, and media mind jacking are having on them, along with the keys to assisting clients in nonpartisan, psychologically mature ways.

He shares the psychological skills that helping professionals can provide to elevate a client’s mindset, eliminate learned helplessness, increase self-responsibility, and replace impotent rebellious activism with solution-focused activism.


The first key is to remember to countermand our training, our programming, that says, “This is off-limits.” To say to ourselves, “This is very much on this particular client’s mind, and my job is, of course, not to impose my beliefs on my client. At the same time, my responsibility to my client is to equip them with the ability to deal with managing the stress this is creating in them, as well as helping them become more empowered in doing something about what’s weighing on them in psychologically mature ways.””  –  Dr. David Gruder


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