The Higher Energy Podcast by ACEP with hosts Paula Shaw and Robert Schwarz - Episode 007: Alleviating Fear and Boosting the Immune System in the Midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic with guest Dr. Bruce Lipton

007: Alleviating Fear and Boosting the Immune System in the Midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic with Dr. Bruce Lipton

Today, on Higher Energy, we are joined by special guest Dr. Bruce Lipton, who is a renowned cell biologist, best-selling author, and internationally recognized leader in bridging science and spirit.

Dr. Lipton is a sought after keynote speaker and workshop presenter who lectures about leading-edge science and how it corresponds with mind-body medicine and spiritual practices. His research and insights have been pivotal in the epigenetic revolution that’s laying the foundation for a consciousness-based understanding of biology.

Dr. Lipton joins us today to discuss how stress, fear, and negative thoughts inhibit the body’s immune system response and, in turn, can make individuals much more susceptible to different illnesses.

He explains that the profound level of fear surrounding COVID-19, that’s currently being amplified by the media, not only heightens stress hormone levels but disempowers people by weakening their immune systems and further exacerbating this pandemic.

While staying informed is important, Dr. Lipton recommends limiting exposure to the negative media and panic-inducing news reports that primarily feed into fear and spread misinformation.

He shares practices for staying healthy, shifting our focus to positivity, and maintaining a calm state of mind in order to alleviate the stressors we’re all facing in these daunting and uncertain times while doing our part to help flatten the curve.


“We’ve been given lots of information that is fear provoking, and it’s unfortunate because fear really incapacitates us on a biological level.”
– Dr. Bruce Lipton


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